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By September 1, 2022Weight Loss
Truvy Supplements

Psst. Want to hear what has us jumping for joy and reaching new heights? 😁

It’s been a long time coming, and it’s finally here: a reformulation of Truvy Boost that only adds to its high-rev, metabolism-enhancing power. Now with our own proprietary energy blend, S3 Technology, we’ve revolutionized what it means to add a bit of a “boost” to your wellness journey. Let nothing hold you back… Truvy will be here every step of the way!

Boost, Redefined

Our signature product Truvy Boost™ has been helping thousands of people lose weight every year. While some say “no need to fix what’s not broken”, we say “always keep aiming higher”–which is exactly why our resident science whiz Dr. Tory Parker went back to the drawing board to build upon what people love about Truvy Boost and make it even better. (Our new Truvy Boost™ was released at our truSUMMIT event which you can find more info on here).

The weight loss drink you know and love is now supercharged with S3 technology to aid in stable, all day energy. This product is designed to keep you alert, energized, and performing at a consistent level all day long! There are three components of S3 technology– Spark, Strength, Stamina.

How Does it Work?

Glad you asked. 😉

For fans of the old Truvy Boost, let us put your mind at ease. This new formula comes with everything that you appreciated about our product, now altered for maximum potential.

s3 breakdown

Truvy Boost drinks contain all the great benefits of TruFIX® plus the new, stable, and long lasting stimulation of S³ Technology to create a top performing weight management system.

Spark is your typical quick release caffeine. This gets you pumped for the day, ready to tackle anything that comes your way! Like most quick-energy blends, this tends to wear off in a few hours. That’s where Strength comes in as a second wave. We discovered a new technology of coated caffeine that delays its release into your bloodstream, kicking in just when the spark starts to wear off. Finally, Stamina makes sure our Boost drinks come without any crash by tapering you off, releasing small bits of energy-blend into the body slowly throughout the day.

New boost new you

S3 Technology is the optimal ratio of all three blended into one single, delicious drink, giving you a sustained and balanced energy level that is safe and effective for up to 8 hours.

With pure ingredients like decaffeinated Green Coffee Bean Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), Magnesium, Raspberry Ketones, Cinnamon Bark Extract, and more, Truvy Boost™ drinks are packed with everything you’ll need–and nothing you don’t–so you can maintain sustained energy with no afternoon crash.*

And if that weren’t enough, we’ve included tasty new flavors such as Lemon Tea, Fruit Punch Pow, Berry Blaster, Peach Mango and, back by popular demand, Lava Flow. Each of these new flavors will keep your taste buds dancing and help to make your day just a little tastier.

How to Take Your Boost
Pick your flavor of the day!
Mix 1 packet into 12-17 oz of water and shake/stir it up. Maybe do a little dance–you’re treating yourself, after all.
Enjoy in the morning and another in the early afternoon to best promote satiety and keep the pep in your step.
Maintain a well-rounded lifestyle full of healthy foods and exercise!
Live happily. ☺️
Making the impossible feel a little more possible–one step at a time.

Here for you always,